Pure water. Clean air.


About us

Since 2012 we have worked on building the foundation of Norwegian Beer Holding with the objective to structure a group of brands and breweries that will bring Norwegian beer to the world. 

We are a group of partners and investors with 30 years of experience in the wine and beer industry operating sales offices in Asia, Europe, and USA. We have developed a bold and visionary business plan and we are not frightened of climbing mountains when we now launch the biggest and most ambitious export adventure for Norwegian beer ever.

The Norwegians are the Vikings, the polar explorers and the great skiers, and in Norway we care about our habitat, the environment and planet earth. 

Together with the most ambitious and talented Norwegian brewers, we are now embarking on this great venture with the purest, cleanest, and best beer ever. 

Pure water. Clean Air. Brewed in Norway naturally.

Brewed under the northern lights

Norwegian seafood leading the way

The pure can't be copied

Norwegian beer holding

Sørkedalsveien 6
0369 Oslo, Norway